Brown Dog Training

Hi, my name is Rachel.

Owners of dogs who are reactive or aggressive towards other dogs hire me to help free them from the restrictions, stress, worry and guilt that comes along with a dog who barks, lunges and growls at other dogs.

As a Behaviour Practioner, I help them to understand their dog's behaviour, learn new skills and coping mechanisms which create a lasting and positive change so they can enjoy their dog and life once again.


​I would love to support you and your dog.

All you need to do to get started is to book your free consultation.

Behaviour Consulting

Training and support to help you modify your dog's unwanted behavioural issues.

Other Services

One-To-One Training

Can't travel to classes or have a specific training requirement? Don't worry, I am able to do home visits and One-To-One training to suit you and your dog.

Group Classes & Workshops

Our small class sizes allow you the chance to train your dog in a controlled environment around distractions whilst still receiving lots of personal tuition.

Live & Interactive Online Training

Why choose Live Online over Physical Classes?

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home - no travelling, no standing in the cold and wet, no cancelled classes

  • Familiar environment and no distractions means your dog learns quicker

  • The whole family can attend

  • Receive a recording of the class each week to use for your homework

Teach your dog to come when you call them - Live Interactive Class


Christine Herring

Excellent training, very knowledgable, able to assist with any query,

 and offer guidance when struggling with a new puppy.

Laura Coombe

You were so lovely non-judgemental and totally put us at ease, gave us an insight into how their minds were working and what we could do to help change things for the better. Your teachings have not only helped my dogs, but me and a young horse with huge trust issues. Thank you so very very much.

Jo Hicks

Rachel is brilliant and a lovely lady too. My rescue collie has her quirks and she completely adapts to what the dog needs.