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Brown Dog Training


Owned & run by Rachel Brown and veterinary recommended, Brown Dog Training offers first class professional dog training instruction and canine behavioural advice in a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere.  

Hi, my name is Rachel.

Owners of dogs who have behaviour problems hire me to help free them from the restrictions, stress, worry and guilt that comes along with a dog who doesn’t behave as they expected.

​​As a Behaviour Practioner, I want to help you understand why your dog behaves the way they do and to create a positive and fun learning environment in which you can learn new skills and coping mechanisms to create a lasting change, so you can enjoy your dog and life once again.

​I would love to support you and your dog.

​All you need to do to get started is to contact me.

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Behaviour Consulting

Training and support to help you modify your dog's unwanted behavioural issues.

Other Services

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One-To-One Training

Group Classes & Workshops

Can't travel to classes or have a specific training requirement? Don't worry, I am able to do home visits and One-To-One training to suit you and your dog.

Our small class sizes allow you the chance to train your dog in a controlled environment around distractions whilst still receiving lots of personal tuition.

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Crazy To Calm Program

My Crazy To Calm dog training programme is designed especially for those dogs who struggle in the company of other dogs: who bark, lunge, growl or get into fights with other dogs.


Katy Lewis

Rachel is very knowledgable and her classes are great fun. My dog really enjoys them and gets very excited when we arrive for training! The class sizes are small which means more focussed training. Highly recommended!

Laura Coombe

You were so lovely non-judgemental and totally put us at ease, gave us an insight into how their minds were working and what we could do to help change things for the better. Your teachings have not only helped my dogs, but me and a young horse with huge trust issues. Thank you so very very much.

Jenny Beloe

Rachel has been amazing supporting myself and my reactive dog George. She has a vast knowledge of dog behaviour and is kind and caring in her approach to both dogs and their owner. I reached out to Rachel at a time when I felt unable to move forward with George and was considering whether he would be better with new owners. She has helped us to begin rebuilding our relationship through fun training games and high quality training material. I can't thank this wonderful lady enough. We are so lucky to be working with you.