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My interest in canine behaviour came about when my own ‘dream dog’ Tally, an Akita, got into a fight with another dog and bit someone who tried to split them up, resulting in a hospital visit for them. I remember vividly feeling so confused and at times frightened by her behaviour towards other dogs. I was ashamed and I was at a loss. I went to several trainers who gave me advice based on Old Wives Tales, myths, legends, what worked for their friends cousin, together with things they’d seen on TV and one even used a shock collar. What worked in the moment that the trainers were there, didn’t work in the long term and gradually her behaviour towards other dogs got worse, and I resigned myself to never letting her off the lead again and only walking in deserted areas.

The reason I’m telling you this?


Because I’ve been there. I’ve had a dog with serious behavioural issues. I did everything wrong and I used harmful training methods because I believed what people told me – they had letters after their name so surely that must mean they know what they’re talking about? (I wish I’d had Google in those days so I could have looked up what those letters actually meant).


If your dog has issues, you don’t have to be alone.


If you reach out to me, I’ll have your back.

I will always remember what it feels like to be at the other end of the lead when it’s all going wrong.

My ability to empathise with your situation, combined with a determination to find the underlying cause, helps me to create practical plans that fit your family and your dog.

I care about you and your dog's well-being.


Showing you better ways to be with them – ways that also work for you and the people you live with – is my passion.

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