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Walking the Dog

Crazy To Calm Program

Take your dog from Reactive to Relaxed with expert coaching

This program is for dog owners who:

Have a dog that barks / lunges / growls at other dogs

Want to help their dog to be happy / confident / enjoy their life

Want to understand their dog and communicate with them 

Have the time to learn and be willing to change things

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Here's What You Get...

Behaviour Assessment

Establish what is causing your dog's behaviour and then safely assess their responses to their triggers

Home Study Tutorials

A library of valuable information right at your fingertips as well as a breakdown of the skills taught in your practical sessions

Personal Coaching Sessions

Personal training for you and your dog to get immediate results

Facebook Community Group

Access to the members-only private Reactive Rehab Facebook Group

Twice Monthly Masterminds

Live & interactive online lessons, presentation and Q&As

Coach In Your Pocket

Support for the whole family in between training sessions

Foundation Program - 3 months of support


your free discovery session

I invite you to have a free 30-minute phone discovery session, where we discuss your pet’s needs and for you to get to know me. It’s simple to book by following the contact details below.


the initial consultation (including history taking & pre-support)

Lasting approximately 90-minutes, we'll take a look at what life is like for you and your dog. Be warned I want to know EVERYTHING! 


the practical consultation

Safely assess your dog's responses to dogs they don't knoe, any other triggers they may have, novel items and the environment.


one-to-one coaching

We start out with 4 personal coaching sessions (we can add more as necessary) lasting approximately one hour each. 


attend twice monthly masterminds

Attend live lessons online (or watch the recordings afterwards), learn new skills & have discussions with like-minded people who are also in the program.


submit videos for coaching

In between personal coaching sessions is where the real training takes place! Video your training and receive personal coaching before your next coaching session.


online tutorials

A library of information at your fingertips. Courses, presentations, videos & EBooks, all of which are there to help you achieve your goals.


monthly maintenance

After you have completed your 3 month foundation program, I won't abandon you to get on with it all by yourself. As well as getting to keep all the online tutorials for life, you can choose if you'd like to continue with my support via a choice of Monthly Maintenance programs.

Walking the Dog

Due to extremely high demand, I have had to pause new enquiries until my current cases have concluded.

If you click the button below and fill in your details, I'll let you know as soon as I open up to new clients again.

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