German Shepherd

Crazy To Calm Program
Support For Every Step Of The Way

Here's What You Get...

What will you learn in the Program?

  1. Why your dog is behaving like they are 

  2. Why some dogs are reactive or aggressive

  3. Training methods that are proven to be the most effective & fastest to train your dog

  4. The common activities that make your dog's behaviour worse and the ones that calm them down

  5. How to make small changes to your daily routines to improve your dog's general behaviour

  6. How to understand what your dog is communicating to you & how to effectively communicate with them

  7. What equipment works best and how to use it

  8. How to reduce you and your dog’s stress levels on walks and at home

  9. How to walk calmly on a lead without pulling

  10. How to set up and plan stress-free walks & visitors to the home

  11. How to get your dog to focus on you around distractions

  12. How to keep your dog calm and focused on you, while calmly acknowledging the presence of another dog or stranger

  13. How to teach your dog to relax & chill-out

  14. Fun activities to grow you and your dog's confidence so that you become an amazing team

  15. How to teach your dog to come back to you when you call them

  16. How to develop emergency plans to get out of tricky situations


To find out if this program is a good fit for you and your dog, just book a free consultation: Find a slot that works for you, pop in a few details, and I'll ring you at the arranged time. 

Please note that behaviour rehabilitation will not be productive if training keeps stopping and starting with large gaps in between appointments. If you feel you cannot commit to regular training sessions you should wait until you are able to commit before enrolling on a behaviour/training program.

The different ways in which we can train and rehabilitate dogs and their long term implications