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Where is Brown Dog Training based?

I live in Pembrokeshire.

I don’t have a training facility, instead, your training will take place wherever it needs to. This may be:

  • In your home or garden

  • Where you normally walk your dog

  • Other places appropriate to whatever we are training

  • A secure field (at the moment these are in Sardis and Ambleston)

  • Online (live and interactive via Zoom).


How does online training work? Don’t you need to be there in person?


I won’t be training your dog, I will be coaching YOU to train or rehabilitate your dog.

Whether we meet in person or online, the coaching will be the same.

Online training is really beneficial for nervous dogs who may behave differently when a stranger is in the house, or dogs who are distracted when someone new is there, or if you are isolating, or if you live outside of Pembrokeshire.

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