Living with a dog who barks, lunges, bites or fights with other dogs can be a lot of work:

* Calm walks may be impossible

* Maybe you get up at 5am to exercise them when no one else is around

* You're always waiting for your dog's next meltdown

* You worry your dog will get into a fight with another dog (or maybe they have already)

* It's been a really long time since you could just relax with your dog


My Crazy To Calm dog training programme is designed especially for those dogs who struggle in the company of other dogs. This may be due to over-excitement, poor communication from lack of early socialisation or fear. Identifying the emotional response is vital for treatment and for understanding your dog's needs.


Imagine how peaceful life with your dog could be with no pulling, lunging, barking, growling:

* Your dog is calm, focused on you and responsive

* You wouldn't have to be on guard every time you leave the house

* You'd be proud of your dog instead of being frustrated, ashamed and maybe even afraid of them

* You'd work together as a team instead of working against each other 


My Crazy To Calm program has varying levels of support depending on what you, your family and your dog need. Lets jump on the phone to have a chat about the best way forward for you. Book your free telephone consultation HERE.


Practical dog training sessions take place on weekday afternoons. In the summer weekday evenings are also available and in winter Sunday afternoons.



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