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Pulling on the lead is an easy habit to get into and hard to break out of. It can be caused by many things but often dogs pull when they are out of balance or when they're just excited! By using a Mekuti Balance Harness with a Double-Ended Lead, you can help to stop your dog pulling, gently and in a way which does not stress your dog.


How does it work?

By using a double-ended lead attached in two places on the harness, you can help your dog to become aware of the way it is walking by bringing attention to its balance. It is this awareness that helps you to use the Mekuti Balance Harness to stop your dog pulling. Full instructions are provided as well as email and telephone support.


Benefits of using a Mekuti Balance Dog Harness set

  • Prevent and stop your dog pulling on the lead without using force.
  • Gently improve control, speed and direction.
  • Reduce reactivity towards other dogs and traffic etc.
  • Improves posture which can reduce back and shoulder problems in both the dog and the handler!
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Fully adjustable to make the perfect fit for any type or size of dog. It is comfortable for the dog and secure.
  • Recommended by trainers to assist with general training and to stop pulling. The system does not replace your trainer — it helps them help you to train your dog.
  • Promotes even muscle development which can help with a dog's recovery from injury or hip dysplasia.


Double-Ended Leads 
The leads that come with the Set are designed specifically to be used with the size of harness they relate to for comfort of the dog and the dog walker, as there are different lead lengths and widths for different size harnesses.
The standard Double-Ended Leads are made from SOFTEX: a padded material, which is really comfortable to use, doesn't get slippy in the rain and is strong enough to hold any dog. They can also be easily used as a regular lead by clipping one of the trigger hooks to one of the extra rings along the lead to make a loop handle of varying lengths. 


Mekuti Balance Harness & Lead Set

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