Description: LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE GROUP CLASS for parents of puppies 8-20 weeks of age.


Stuck at home but still need to socialise your puppy? Have you got a stressed out or bored pup? This class is for you! Rolling Enrollment – Start any time.


This online 4 class course is ideal for new puppy parents who want help raising a well-mannered dog.


With an hour of live instruction, corresponding videos, and step-by-step instructions how to teach new behaviours, The Puppy Start Right Online Group Class is a great class for enhancing a parenting relationship among people and their pups.


If you are raising a new puppy, or recently adopted an adolescent dog, Puppy Start Right Online Group Class is just for you. This class sets the foundation for a lifelong partnership between you and your dog based on a mutual understanding and trust.


Puppy Start Right Online Group Class is more than an obedience class, this class will teach you how to safely and positively socialise your puppy; it’s a positive approach to problem solving, prevention, and training, all without the use of force.


Problem-solving topics address common behaviours of adolescent dogs, including: mouthing/biting, jumping, chewing, digging, counter surfing and stealing objects. And prevention topics include confinement/independence training, food bowl exercises, handling and restraint, and more.


Date & Time: Repeats every Thursday evening at 6.30pm GMT

Puppy Start Right Course